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Link(must include https:// or http://):

Possible headlines:

1. I need you to answer me

2. This is important

3. Uh-oh, your deal is expiring

4. Your deal goes bye-bye at midnight

5. *Don’t Open This E-mail*

6. Get Priority Access Now

7. Stop wasting Your Money On…

8. Do you want to lose out?

9. I’m taking this down at midnight

10. Little known ways to…

11. The easiest way for ordinary people like us to…

12. Who else wants to

13. Call me crazy, but…

14. You’re about to lose…

15. What everyone should know about

16. X# shocking mistakes killing your

17. Rough day?

18. Do not let this get away

19. Today only: Get it now before it’s gone for good

20. Me again

21. Kick the bad habit time

22. It’s time to rethink…

23. How they did it

24. Crazy results from one simple trick

25. Do THIS is you want more…

26. The art of…

27. The most interesting X in the world

28. Last Call! X Closes in two hours

29. Fix Your X Now

Possible calls to action:

1. Grab X now

2. I Want In

3. Take My Money, Please

4. This sounds great X, let me in.

5. I gotta have this.

6. I'm ready to change my life.

7. I want it.